Like most websites you visit, we use cookies to provide you with a better service. Successful applicants will be given a six month training contract, which will include time to complete administration, site orientation, relocation and a 16 week course following the Cambridge University Teaching Knowledge Test. Imagine being part of an innovative global environment where you can enhance your expertise, develop your knowledge, and take your career as far as you want. International universities in Saudi Arabia: Graduate schools, international university in Riyadh offering masters programs, MBA online & undergraduate/ bachelor degree courses taught in English. Serve the needs of human progress and development. Graduate applicants are considered those who have less than three years of work experience. A world-class supply chain, focused on delivering greater value and enabling continued growth. Browse 25 TOP ranked Postgraduate Programs in Saudi Arabia with University Directory worldwide - find online degrees and programmes, taught in English and other languages. Below is information that can help you find the right program for you and give information on admissions procedures and guidelines. We believe in the power of energy to transform lives. The primary objective of the program is to provide graduate students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a world-class MBA education. In 2005, Saudi Arabia eventually launched what is known as one of the largest scholarship programs ever initiated by a government, the massive multi-billion dollar King Abdullah Scholarship Program (KASP), which allowed more than 200,000 Saudi citizens to earn degrees in more than 30 countries during the first decade of its existence alone. It’s important to point out that the SGP is not an internship program. Professor, Associate, Assistant. If your answer is yes, then Al-Rajhi Bank GDP IT Program is for you. The Young Leaders Program (YLP) is a program that targets the top10%Saudi graduates from all over the world, with emphasis on learning to become…During the program they will be performing learning exercises, work on projects & develop initiatives that will add to their knowledge and later on they will have the chance to present their work… Working hard to develop new, more efficient ways to convert crude oil into chemicals. Global demand for energy is growing, and we are committed to ensuring a sustainable energy future. With the support of the King Faisal Foundation (KFF), the MBA program was approved by the Ministry of Higher Education in July 2010. Experienced applicants are considered those who have more than three years of work experience. 8003024444 (toll-free, KSA only) EMAIL: Who we are Applying to join one of Sadara’s graduate programs could be your first step to an exciting new career. Unfortunately, the link which you have accessed is no longer active. Saudi Arabia has so much to offer for those that have chosen this beautiful country as a destination for graduate education. Entry Level. We understand the importance of managing precious natural resources. They must be admitted through the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies via a manual letter. Carry on browsing if you're happy with this, or find out how to manage. Saudi Arabia has in recent years, offered more options for international students seeking graduate degrees. P.O. “The Graduate Program gave me many unforgettable memories of the teams I have been working with in these last few years, and what I learned in this beautiful journey is priceless.” Federico, Build the Future edition #2 “We were able to meet very inspiring people from various countries around the world in a completely digital way.” KPMG Saudi is a leading professional services firm offering Audit, Tax and Advisory services from some of the largest multi-nationals and best-known brands to public bodies and entepreneurs. Graduate Development Program - GDP IT. ... Saudi Arabia. Do you want to be a Future leader? Box 1977 It aims to give college and university graduates the skills needed to get jobs in the sector RIYADH: A cybersecurity graduate training program has been launched in the Kingdom. 4d. Do you have the motivation? BAE Systems Saudi Arabia has training opportunities for well motivated, high calibre University Graduates holding a degree in English. Your career is just that; yours. Producing the products that drive our economy. Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic (SPSP) program has been designed for talented high school graduates to undergo a specialized training program based on SABIC affiliates’ mechanical and electrical needs. PHD and Masters applications, MBA classes are held in the evenings and we accept both men and women. Being part of the Siemens Graduate Program means you’re a real Siemens employee with a regular permanent employment contract. Telephone +966 11 297 8775. Saudi Aramco The KAUST Bioscience program offers a unique combination of an intellectually stimulating environment and access to world-class laboratories, instrumentation, and generous funding schemes…), located on the shores of the Red Sea in Thuwal (80km north of Jeddah) in Saudi Arabia, is an international graduate-level research university dedicated… After which, the trainee will undergo on-the-job training (OJT) … Our recruitment process for graduate placements is done in partnership with leading universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Find out more about some of the benefits we offer to our Saudi employees. Exciting internships and graduate programs give you the perfect start at DHL and prepare you for these challenges and your future career. Minimum GPA for administrative majors (accounting, management, marketing, economics, law, English language, public relations and others) is 2.5 out of 4 (or 3.5 and above out of 5 or equivalent scores to systems used by the UK, Australia, Canada, etc.). Engineering graduate program jobs jobs openings and salary information in Dammam, Saudi Arabia We are constantly looking for people with vision to join us and help carry our business forward. We funnel significant energy into making sure that our graduate employees have the opportunities and support they need to acquire essential new skills and abilities. Be part of an accessible, reliable, and innovative world-class supply chain. The educational institutions in Saudi Arabia … Study abroad programs for Americans, English language speaking universities for international students, foreigners in the Middle East.. Committed to reliably supplying our customers with the quality products they need, when they need them. Search for more Supply Chain Graduate Program jobs in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. The College Degree Program for Non-Employees is a highly selective scholarship program for Saudi male and female high school graduates. That’s why opportunities are at the heart of a career with us. Please contact G+PS for information. Our diverse and expanding range of products create value. The program welcomes twenty five people onto the scheme, all of who have graduated with Bachelor’s and Master’s qualifications. Saudi Fresh Graduates Information Technology Program. Access our financial reports and ESG content. 5 Steps to Graduate Studies in the U.S. More than 1,700 universities and other institutions offer graduate degree programs in the United States. To apply for a specific job discipline, follow the links below: KING ABDULAZIZ CENTER FOR WORLD CULTURE (ITHRA). Degrees, Courses, Programs in Saudi Arabia, Accounting & Finance (Graduate) (Executive Education), Adult internal and surgical nursing (Master), Adults and continuous Education (Ph.D) (PhD), Advanced Education & General Dentistry (Postgraduate specialty), King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (KSAU-HS), Affective and behavioral troubles (Master), Agricultural counseling and the rural community (Master), Agricultural machinery engineering (Master), Allocate the assets of Jurisprudence (Masters), Postgraduate Programs in Accounting (2682), Postgraduate Programs in Administration (2739), Postgraduate Programs in Advertising (197), Postgraduate Programs in African Studies (1657), Postgraduate Programs in Agribusiness (235), Postgraduate Programs in Agricultural Economics (201), Postgraduate Programs in Agricultural Education (54), Postgraduate Programs in Agricultural Engineering (194), Postgraduate Programs in Agriculture (1318), Postgraduate Programs in American Studies (557), Postgraduate Programs in Ancient Studies (385), Postgraduate Programs in Animal Sciences (390), Postgraduate Programs in Anthropology (839), Postgraduate Programs in Archaeology (550), Postgraduate Programs in Architecture (2514), Postgraduate Programs in Art and Design (5836), Postgraduate Programs in Art History (520), Postgraduate Programs in Asian Studies (568), Postgraduate Programs in Biochemistry (802), Postgraduate Programs in Biological Sciences (4384), Postgraduate Programs in Civil Engineering (1211), Postgraduate Programs in Biotechnology (1409), Postgraduate Programs in Broadcast Journalism (219), Postgraduate Programs in Broadcast Engineering (267), Postgraduate Programs in Business Administration Management (16021), Postgraduate Programs in Business Management (258), Postgraduate Programs in Behavioral Sciences (77), Postgraduate Programs in Cellular Biology (22), Postgraduate Programs in Chemical Engineering (833), Postgraduate Programs in Chemistry (3165), Postgraduate Programs in Child Development (847), Postgraduate Programs in Chinese Studies (528), Postgraduate Programs in Communication Media (4026), Postgraduate Programs in Communication (425), Postgraduate Programs in Comparative Literature (288), Postgraduate Programs in Computer Engineering (4130), Postgraduate Programs in Computer Science (858), Postgraduate Programs in Consulting (108), Postgraduate Programs in Consumer Sciences (888), Postgraduate Programs in Creative Arts (203), Postgraduate Programs in Mechanical Engineering (1553), Postgraduate Programs in Criminal Justice (689), Postgraduate Programs in Culinary Arts (6), Postgraduate Programs in Cultural Studies (1690), Postgraduate Programs in Dairy Science (22), Postgraduate Programs in Earth Sciences (503), Postgraduate Programs in Economic studies (363), Postgraduate Programs in Economics (3550), Postgraduate Programs in Education (9273), Postgraduate Programs in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1816), Postgraduate Programs in Engineering (4090), Postgraduate Programs in English Teacher Education (146), Postgraduate Programs in Entomology (170), Postgraduate Programs in Environmental Engineering (1046), Postgraduate Programs in Environmental Health (123), Postgraduate Programs in Environmental Studies (1608), Postgraduate Programs in Ethnic Studies (138), Postgraduate Programs in Library Studies (77), Postgraduate Programs in European Studies (451), Postgraduate Programs in Family and Consumer Sciences (279), Postgraduate Programs in Fashion Merchandising (173), Postgraduate Programs in Film and Television Studies (292), Postgraduate Programs in Retail Studies (76), Postgraduate Programs in Finance Accounting (4), Postgraduate Programs in Finance Banking (58), Postgraduate Programs in Food Science (549), Postgraduate Programs in Materials Science (1068), Postgraduate Programs in Gender and Diversity (409), Postgraduate Programs in Gerontology (177), Postgraduate Programs in Graphic Arts (1), Postgraduate Programs in Health Science (659), Postgraduate Programs in Health Teacher Education (48), Postgraduate Programs in Horticulture Studies (7), Postgraduate Programs in Hospitality (288), Postgraduate Programs in Human Resources (347), Postgraduate Programs in Human Sciences (164), Postgraduate Programs in Humanities (304), Postgraduate Programs in Indian studies (16), Postgraduate Programs in Interior Design (20), Postgraduate Programs in Information Technology (1299), Postgraduate Programs in International Business (1221), Postgraduate Programs in Islamic Studies (269), Postgraduate Programs in Jewish Studies (68), Postgraduate Programs in Journalism (311), Postgraduate Programs in Landscape Architecture (41), Postgraduate Programs in Leadership Studies (990), Postgraduate Programs in Liberal Arts Sciences (123), Postgraduate Programs in Linguistics (839), Postgraduate Programs in Literature (651), Postgraduate Programs in Malaysian Studies (0), Postgraduate Programs in Management Information Systems (578), Postgraduate Programs in Management (200), Postgraduate Programs in Marketing Education (3), Postgraduate Programs in Mathematics Education (2), Postgraduate Programs in Mathematics (2175), Postgraduate Programs in Mechatronics (104), Postgraduate Programs in Medical Dietetics (584), Postgraduate Programs in Medical Sciences (12840), Postgraduate Programs in Medieval Studies (95), Postgraduate Programs in Microbiology (8), Postgraduate Programs in Military Studies (36), Postgraduate Programs in Museum Studies (66), Postgraduate Programs in Music Performance (229), Postgraduate Programs in Music Teacher Education (3), Postgraduate Programs in Music Theory (200), Postgraduate Programs in Music Therapy (7), Postgraduate Programs in Nautical Studies (34), Postgraduate Programs in Near Eastern Studies (111), Postgraduate Programs in Oceanography (159), Postgraduate Programs in Paramedical Studies (4), Postgraduate Programs in Peace Studies (382), Postgraduate Programs in Philosophy (1549), Postgraduate Programs in Physical Education (514), Postgraduate Programs in Physical Sciences (175), Postgraduate Programs in Physical Therapy (37), Postgraduate Programs in Policy Management (533), Postgraduate Programs in Political Science (1010), Postgraduate Programs in Poultry Science (25), Postgraduate Programs in Preschool Education (72), Postgraduate Programs in Primary education (37), Postgraduate Programs in Psychology (3098), Postgraduate Programs in Public Health Education (5), Postgraduate Programs in Public Relations (198), Postgraduate Programs in Real Estate (119), Postgraduate Programs in Religious Studies (377), Postgraduate Programs in Rhetorical Studies (0), Postgraduate Programs in Risk Management (298), Postgraduate Programs in Romance Languages (11), Postgraduate Programs in Russian Studies (132), Postgraduate Programs in Science Teacher Education (48), Postgraduate Programs in Social Sciences (1700), Postgraduate Programs in Social Studies (155), Postgraduate Programs in Mining Engineering (88), Postgraduate Programs in Special Education (69), Postgraduate Programs in Sport Administration (1), Postgraduate Programs in Statistics (726), Postgraduate Programs in Strategic Management (30), Postgraduate Programs in Studio Arts (185), Postgraduate Programs in Teacher Education (526), Postgraduate Programs in Theater Arts (484), Postgraduate Programs in Turf Management (1), Postgraduate Programs in Wilderness Management (0), Postgraduate Programs in Women's Studies (64).

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