Glad I found this post. Thank you for you detailed instructions. Cheers very much, Tyler and y’all!! Days Later after reading further I turned the main gas off, and removed the gas valve and the Torx security screws ( that have a pin to prevent regular Torx from entering the screw head). Voila! If it has now cleared. Thanks guys!!! On Thursday plubmer came over to install the worthless Whirlpool 40 gallon piece of junk water heater. Look at a site like on how to remove the Controller circuit board (one screw and 3 tabs) and black control knob ( lean it to the side and it will pop out. Many thousands of these units replaced unneccessarily because of this coding error and the fact so few regularly do the tank flush. If not, you can still try the MFR, but a web search for “honeywell water heater valve” also turned up several vendors. Atleast it did for me. Interestingly though, I tried this method two times and each time it didn’t appear to have worked as I continued to receive a 4 flash fault code. oops – I pressed the wrong key: not 170, but 70 degrees. Honeywell Thermostat Battery replacement- A Complete Guide to replace All Honeywell Thermostats Model Battery, Why is Alexa Voice Routine Not Working? I would like to pursue the same solution (get a replacement). Thanks alot guys got mine up and running as well after taking the electronic crap out. On Sale $191.65. I lit the pilot, and the indicator returned to 1 regular blink (the sign of normal function) as the gas flowed to the burner and ignited. thanks for all the details you put in it. First, do NOT buy any water heater with this type of controller (you can zoom in on the ad pic. However, the smart response learning takes care of the heating and cooling features. My Whirlpool gas water heater is giving me the dreaded “four blinks” signal. The pilot on my waterheater went out over night. Said any time they shipped something it would be 10, 20, or 30 dollar charge. $70.34 $ 70. But, the light on the control never starts flashing. Honeywell® Gas Control Valve/Thermostat. 1. day installed it i had bad problems to lite, i called Co. they asked if a professional installed it, i told tech iv’e installed over 15 water heaters & never had this type of trouble, he kind of said that since im not a pro-with licence thats why its not lighting, i told him i didnt like this valve sytem & all 15 water with the old school red dial out lasted the 9 yr some worked till 12 years & why would i ever give $400 to install something i could do & i do know what I’m doing just that this system not working at all, i got it 3 years & I got one of the lucky ones, the (2nd one)was built 07/20/2015 i got a call Fri 29th,16 my tenant said water heater stopped working & i had showed him how tom lite it in case im not around & it turns off, he tried many times, depress 1 1/2, 2 min, 3 min & nothing, i got a chance to look into it & i had assumed E-Z fix 5 min ill have it & running, wrong spent hour doing everything instructions had, i asked my tennat at what temp he had it on, he said a lil past the letyter (A) when i installed it i had told him never pass (A) i remember a friend who owns several homes (7) & he told me many nitemare stories of the Honeywell Valve status lite (poop)he was dealing with 7 faulty valves had to pay hotel 3-5 days while they ship parts, even then the water heater co. diagnosed problem wrong, he said a couple times they told him it was the thermopile that was causing pilot lite not to stay on, he waited for part, ordered the Valve although it had warranty but it didn’t cover the wasted time, days & hotel for his tenants, but he some how found on his own that setting those types pass the letter (A) the water heater will over heat, that’s whats going on with me, i checked everything spark good, pilot lights well but doesn’t stay on & the status lite doesn’t come on at all, its like its dead, so i called Co. tech guy told me “oh that’s an E-Z one & no brainner” its your thermopile well let me tell my tenants 4 adults 3 teenagers of how E-Z they’ll have it for 4 days without hot water you certified (DA=dumb ass)i still didn’t feel good about that, i called my friend & my friend said i’ll bet you a $100 its going to be the thermo pile, call m back & have them send you new Valve & get on YouTube & sites to get help, these sites are extremely helpful, you save money, time, days waiting for part & most likely you’ll get wrong diagnosed, so I’m gearing up & ready to get hot water for my tenants, its a rotten dirty shame that so many people have gotten ripped off by honeywell & no law suits for intentionally selling they’re valves to the water heater makers they too are at fault, at least those of us that can tinker with things are able to FIY i feel for the people who have get a licence person to install, then several months later have the valve burn out, call Co. then pro to install wrong part, wait more days for correct one ? Keep the batteries in the same position for 5-10 seconds and take it out. By the way, the 3 year warranty expired 3 week ago. Once reinstalled, it went into the 7 flash mode, but the pilot lit, and when set to HIGH it fired right off. WT8840 water heater pdf manual download. Generally, if you’re covered under warranty, you would get the part from the MFR of the water heater. The Temperature probe is a different design. There’s a little white plug where wires connect to board; tug wires directly away from board to unplug. I was reading how you guys help one another and just thought AWESOME! The Top 5 Best Motorized Curtains 2021- Buyer's Guide and Reviews. this will also help the starter get a good ground to make a proper spark. Will keep this for next year when it breaks again. I have a white LED and my code of 4 flashing lights won’t reset. So thanks to commenters earlier, before, and above. READ THEIR INSTRUCTIONS A FEW TIMES OVER! Hogwash!! It can’t flip up (actually it can if you try hard enough, but then you’ve probably broken it). Got a back-up valve for free since mine was under warranty. I know that my habit of leaving my thermostat ‘ON’ the whole day is going to burn my pocket but still I can’t help it. HONEYWELL PART NUMBER OEM PART NUMBER MANUFACTURER WT8840A1000/U (1 in. This will supply current to the main valve and the main valve will open. How can I disable Yellow Flashing on Echo? The pilot would lite, the main burner would come on and it would run for awhile. Tankless sounds good to me, but I’m not an expert — just another hapless victim who has learned from experience one more thing not to do. Scroll down and select the RESTORE TO FACTORY DEFAULT” option. This is really bad! So to all of you, thank you! Honeywell Lyric T5 … Thank you Tyler… and all the great contributors on this thread. did the light and turn the unit to hot and touched the other end of the speaker wire to the right upper of the V it fired up and reset. Buy New or Surplus HONEYWELL WV8840A-1000 ( TEMPERATURE CONTROL VALVE 1/2PSI 4IN WC ) parts. The system kept coming back with 4 flashes. Now, go to the circuit breaker and power it ON, Hydronic and Multistage heating and cooling. They said call anytime and they can help. ** sorry, I took no pictures; the capacitor is round, about 1/2″ diameter, about 1/2″ tall, dark color. 2. Other than that it looks the same from the exterior. Keep holding both the button for 5-10 seconds. When I turn the dail on I IMMEDIATELY turn the dial all the way up to the highest setting and back to the lowest repeatedly–I did it 7 times in quick succession. (no blinks, no pilot) Turned it around and clipped it back in and went through the lighting the pilot light. Anyways DB’s method DOES WORK! Note which color is on which side. Probably had sediment on bottom and overworked it. Rheem next day shipped me a new Honeywell control valve. It is a Honeywell Reliance 9007884 Series 300. Franken valve worked! Great writeup! CORRECTING LAST SENTENCE: “main valve (Right pin to (+)”, So I would recommend to you ( with Valve off the water heater and no gas applied, to test the pilot valve (left pin to (+))with the AA battery, and test the main valve (Right pin to (+)), and each individually should click, photo of pilot valve solenoid Thank you so much!!! Using a flat tip screwdriver remove the bottom screw that holds the housing on. They would have to diagnosis the water heater and then order the part, and then come back again to install at an additonal service price. They could not find that in their records. I have a state water heater (which are made by A.O. I will now start flushing sediment every quarter instead of annually. Honeywell Water Heater Gas Valve Wv8840a1000 222 47463 01a Parts Accs Home Garden Le Centre Com ... Honeywell water heater blinking blue light resetting the honeywell gas valve on a water heater tyler tork honeywell water heater blinking blue light honeywell water heater blinking blue light. Model U1######## water heater natural gas, 30 gallon. Now, you can set up the clock and reprogram the schedules again. $30 plus tax and I will roll up my sleeves and attempt to do this-I CAN DO THIS (I think) In the mean time I will be stinky at work and my hair will serve as grease for deep frying. Apart from these features, there are several other features like auto daylight adjustment feature for saving power and 12/24 hour setting adjust and multiple language options to set your thermostat in whatever language you require. Executive summary: Once it has detected a “water too hot” event, the gas valve will never work again — unless you know how to reset it. save delay . Instead, the tank becomes unusable. Although the reset procedures in this thread are obviously great and simple workarounds to the problem of resetting this damn valve, I also wonder if there may be some secondary interlock linked to the gas pressure which would cause the valve to retain an error condition as long as it is detecting gas pressure? Touch the < or > arrows to choose a reset option, then touch Select. Touch the < or > arrows until you see RESET, then touch Select. The Water heater will appear to be working now, but in a several seconds it will figure out that something is wrong, and it will shutdown the pilot valve and the fire will shut off. After spending a day shopping for a replacement – nowhere to be found for same day repair, and after 2 freezing cold morning showers, I followed DB’s instructions and voila! They are used in many types of gas-fired heating appliances like central furnaces, residential boilers, cooking appliances for commercial applications and heaters. Hey just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you guys for the reboot reset  tips the jumper wire to all points worked best for me! Error clears. Wife called whirlpool Monday. Just one stinking notch! There should be labels “red” and “white” on the gas valve to help you plug them back the right way. The first time they sent us a new valve for free and my husband installed it. I dismantled the gas valve, measure the thermopile, and can’t even get a few millivolts (granted, the pilot light isn’t on, so maybe it’s normal). I didn’t mind to pay for the shipping cost, but, what I minded was the device was poorly made. You can save delay and $hundreds in plumber fees by fixing the part that’s gone on strike. I have been working in this industry from last 10 years and therefore, sharing all my experiences and learnings. Two days ago, the replacement unit also died. They said it needs to be assessed by a factory authorized repairman. I also drained some water then flushed a lot. Hi I have a Honeywell gas valve and the pilot button popped off. And two finger-pressable connectors at the top. Two plastic clips at the top are holding the cover on. I put the cover back on and the light flashed 7 times as I put the heat dial to “hot”. Just lit the pilot again and set the temperature!! 3 Ways to Fix the issue in Minutes, How to reset Honeywell Thermostats? I am extremely grateful for this information! Right after I was done and moved on to light the pilot, the damn thing started flashing 7 times, which means gas control valve failure, right out of the box !!!! 3. Many of you would have going through the same problem and so I thought of putting all my research here in this article about the ways to reset all the Honeywell thermostats models. One note, since I did not have any clip leads I just used a rubber band to hold two pieces of speaker wire to a AA battery and held the wires on the pins with my index fingers. The result: Make sure all the wires are connected, turn on the gas and follow the steps in your water heater owner’s manual to relight the pilot light. Select the MENU option on the home screen of the thermostat. Cal. How to reset Honeywell scanners to factory default settings? Again, because I’m somewhat inexperienced at this stuff, I found that there is a different teflon tape used for Gas than in plumbing. The light started the “all is good” single blink and the furnace fired up. Your expert advice was successful. $29.99. 3. No flashing lights, no pilot light, nothing. The cover is still attached to the back of the unit by a colorful ribbon of wires, with a plug at the end that connects to the circuit board. I’d rather spend money at some local cage, or boxing matches here in So. Thank you thank you! The bottom pin is ground ((-) on the battery)Connect the (-) negative of the battery there with a clip lead. I have set a reminder in outlook to drain my tank once a year from now on. Picture: here, 4. > little white reset button … doesn’t seem to have any effect!?! SUPER FIX< SUPER POST. Picture: here. The ecobee Smart Thermostat consists of two parts (see images below): 1. j=d.createElement(s),dl=l!='dataLayer'? Use with select Bradford White and AO Smith Hot Water Tanks, provides direct replacement only. My Family thanks you for the tip to reset the Honeywell Gas control valve. Thx loreleaf for the post and pics. Water heater runs both water AND heating in the home – 0 degrees in Denver right now! 5: Wait for the status light to start to blink (Mine alternated between 4 blinks and 5 blinks). Well, a couple of hours ago, (New Years Eve), my wife ended up in a cold bath again, so I went down and checked and this time it was the 4 flash code. Honeywell Water Heater. Slide the ribbon of wires out of the clip on the housing, and the front of the gas valve is free. Definitely will be draining sediment as a preventive measure later this week. So I figured the system should reset itself once the over temperature condition goes away. Flushing the tank regularly prevents many problems. Obviously we’ve all had our issues with the apparently worthless Honeywell controller. Pull the three wire connector off the circuit board by pulling it straight out. This option is great because it saves you a lot of plumbing and headaches replacing the old valve. No battery, no removing of circuit board, just a short jumper wire. 5. Selecting a reset option. Compatibility of Honeywell 7000 series thermostat. Since waaaay too many folks have experienced this failure, and since it seems to be “electronics” related, and since Honeywell is sending out replacements willy nilly and asking for return of the defective valves, I suggest that the true culprit may be that some bonehead just programmed the software at too low a “critical” temperature. Honeywell Aquastat Controller, High/Low Limit, 100 to 240°F (38 to 116°C), Adjustable Differential 5 to 30°F (3 to 17°C) Manual Reset, 66" Capillary, Multi-Mount L4008A1015 In-Stock $239 72 ADD TO CART Honeywell WV8840A1000 222-47463-01C Water Heater Thermostat Control Board Used. I personally don’t require any more compatibility. Thanks that was a big help and a $$ saver. Now, place the battery in a wrong way, place negative to the positive side and positive to the negative side. Reset all models easily. 1" insulation tank, 4" WC setting Replaces WV8840A1000, WV8840A1001, 222-47463-01A, 222-47463-01E, 239-47463-01. Voila! From C-P3O to Siri, androids like Data to androids like, well, Androids, Rosie the Robot to R2-D2 Roombas and beyond, robot helpers and smart devices have been the dream of homeowners and app users... Hi! The question now is for how long? Note that sometimes it can be hard to get the valve closed completely if this was the first time and you had never done it before in years of use. Thanks to your solution I will have hot water until the replacement value arrives. how to reset this valve. What is ” top left pin and the top right pin ” you are referring to, while holding circuit board still inside the controller assembly and facing towards me which corner are you referring to, can you please give me some details or a picture that would be great. There are several types of resets available. That signaled an error code for a fatal flaw in the water heater gas valve. The pilot would stay lit for a while and then go out with a code 2 blink. and then it might come back on or not. I got pretty bitter there thinking about it. 34. If people’s replacement valves with the white indicator lights don’t fail about the same rate as the old ones, maybe Honeywell has resolved the issue. -thanks. Thanks to all of you!! Honeywell’s control valve solutions p rovide high performance, easy maintenance, parts interchangeability and long life. I have well water. Hope this doesn’t keep happening. Once you get the option, click on it. mwa-ha-ha-ha! Far out. This does require one special tool, pictured at left. Whirlpool send me a new igniter/flame sensor and it does the same thing. The WT8840 series is the Water Heater Control for trade use to replace WV8840 valves used in AOSmith and Bradford White Water Heaters. I guess I will try tomorrow but I would appreciate any help anyone can offer me. In fact, not only have they not fixed the problem, some instructions I found online lead me to believe that they deliberately introduced this “feature” after the original design. Connect the RED and WHITE power wires back on the two connections on the circuit board. There is also a little white switch in the middle with wires attached on each side of the thermocoupler that is a reset button. Takes one screw driver to unscrew the one screw on the bottom of the controller. Hot water is a good thing!! Touch Yes to complete the reset or No to return to the reset sub-menu. After a minute or so the flashes should change to just one flash every three seconds or so. Volume Discount Pricing is a great way for customers to save big on large, bulk orders of most items available in our store. 40 gal, nat gas, no external attachments. System will reset when pi lot f ame is sufficient. It is now running with no problems thank you for saving me 125$ plus shipping. You can get this thermostat at Amazon from here. If no updates – this worked for me. Please do this at your own risk. smith), the gas valve went bad so I had to replace it. Detach a black wire from a rectangular white plastic thingy. 20 minutes and the above solution of shorting it to correct the error worked magic. I am beyond pissed, Reliant has a warrantee but it don’t cover parts!!! My warrantied part is being overnighted. If one uses a slow supply of hot water (like rinsing a lot of dishes), then the heater stays on making VERY hot water until it triggers a non-resetable error. The single wire to the rectangular connector just on the left bottom side is the lead to the pilot ignitor so if that’s taken off, please remember to re-attach it. Asked the associate, he said they are all interchangeable. Good info here, had 4 flashes, remove white valve cover after lighting pilot, place a jumper wire across two posts that were right side top , pilot quit, waited, relit pilot, turn gas control to low, main burner lit. Another comment – when I finally got a replacement from Amazon, the LED light was White in color, not RED as my last two. Time will tell. 4.6 out of 5 stars 664. Two months later I drained out about 5-8 gallons, saw minimal sediment. I don’t know this for a fact but the low setting should be somewhere around 100ºF. is there a small battery? Gas control is powered and waiting for the set point knob to be turned to a water temperature setting. Pulled off the cover with the dial still on pilot position – the pilot light died and the light didn’t flash. You may notice little beads of clear gooey looking stuff that appears to be gelatin. About to enter the fray and attempt the 4-blink DIY fix solution.

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