It can be used to format the text of several User Language Dialog objects, in the #usage directive or in the description of library objects. Also typically supported are left-, center-, and right-aligned text, font specification and document margins. Rich Text Format (RTF) Version 1.5 Specification, \fs? [54][55] Similarly, when a document with drawing objects is saved as RTF in an application that does not support RTF drawing objects, these are not preserved in the RTF file. RTF files can carry malware; sometimes malicious files in RTF format are renamed with the .DOC extension. Text is considered to be Rich Text if the first line contains a tag. For example. Example: Writing “Rich” strings with multiple formats. in, Abiword, KWord, Ted, but not in Wordpad). May 1999. [29], RTF 1.2 specification defined use of drawing objects such as rectangles, ellipses, lines, arrows, polygons and various other shapes. Both comments were free form text. The Mac OS X command line tool textutil enables files to be converted between rtf, rtfd, text, doc, docx, wordml, odt, and webarchive.[64]. An RTF document is essentially a plain-text document, so you can read it into R using functions like readLines(). This is not the case with RTF. Format with buttons. Here is an example program that explains how to do this with XLSX files: format_bold format_italic format_underlined code looks_one looks_two format_quote format_list_numbered format_list_bulleted This is editable rich text, much better than a